How To Create Live Cricket Score Widget In Blogger 2021

Live Cricket Score Widget
Live Score Widget in Blogger


All are knows that Cricket is mostly famous game for all country. And Today we will discuss about How to Add Live Cricket Score Widget In Blogger. So Lets start our Today's Topic.


We will also provide a demo link to know how its look like and how its work. To visit the demo of Live Cricket Score Widget , just click the demo button which will under below.

Steps To Create Live Score Widget

To create a Live Cricket Score Widgets You have to follow my instruction.
  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Go to Page Section
  • Create new page
  • Copy all codes bellow
  • Save & publish the page
<div id="score-frame"><a rel="nofollow" href="">Live Cricket Scores</a></div><script type="text/javascript">var html = document.getElementById('score-frame');html.innerHTML = '<iframe src="" style="width:100%;min-height: 460px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>';</script>

If you follow our all steps then Congratulation you are success fully create a Live Cricket Score Widget in Blogger.

You also create this widget page or post Both in Blogger And WordPress. In this widget we have see all matches live score all over the world.
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