How To Grow Blog Website In 2021

How to grow blog in 2021
Grow Your Blog In 2021


Today is the most important topic which we will discuss in this Article. And today article we just cover these topics - How to grow Blog website in 2021 ? Is blogging still profitable ? Can we start blog 2021 ? Grow Blog in Social media ? How to get traffic in blog website ?

So in this article we will cover these trending questions which is ask by public in google and we try to solve your all question step by step.

What is Blogging in 2021 ?

Before we started this topic first we have to know about Blogging so What is Blogging in 2021 ? And the Answer is Blogging is the platform to share our ideas and creativity through Articles.

And we have to select a particular Niche for our blogging and that means we have to decide a particular topic in our blog. But not only this but also we have to choose platform to create and share our blog.

  1. WordPress - So this the first choice for all blogger now the time. By using WordPress we can also write article easily and customize our blog also. And this is the paid platform that why , because we have to purchase Custom domain and hosting.
  2. Blogger - blogger is the free platform where every one can join and create there blog. And there are no requirement to purchase hosting and custom domain.
So these 2 platform is best choice for everyone in 2021. And our blog is also created by the help of Blogger. And we will purchase a custom Domain only.

How To Grow Blog In 2021

To grow your blog at first as you know that you have to choose a profitable niche and create a blog with these topic which you choose. Then start writing content to your blog every day. And that not the only way to grow blog. Its totally depends our website content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Site health, Backlink, Pages etc.

How We Write Unique Content ?

If we want to grow our blog then we have to write a good and unique content to our blog and the content is must be important also to all people. To write an unique content at first we have to decide a topic related to our niche and start collecting data from internet that how other blogger express this topic.

After collecting all data you must have to see that what other people search and collect all keywords. And finally you have to cover all topic related to your keywords.

Blog SEO and Backlinks

After unique content we have to notice about SEO means Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks. To rank your blog in search engine we have to create internal linking and that's called backlinks.

There are two types of backlink's, one is Do follow backlink and other is no follow backlink. And these two types of backlink is help us to rank our site in Search Engine.

Site Health And Pages

After complete all topic at last you have to customize your blog theme, that attractive to all other people. And the other important things is Site Health. That is because google always check the age of our blog. And search engine depends upon the site health.

That means if our blog is new and we also follow all rules and write good content but google search engine cannot rank this type of site. But when our blog will old then automatically google promote all content of our blog.

And the second and last important things is Pages. We have to create some pages to our blog like About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Sitemap etc. These pages are give most attractive look. And that is also help us to rank our blog. Even Google Adsence also suggest us to create these pages.

Is Blogging Still Profitable ?

If you confuse about that today in this generation Blogging is still profitable or not ? Then the answer is Yes, Blogging is still profitable in all time. In today most of the people join blogging and they start sharing there ideas to others. Even we are also do the same things.

And if you are also start blogging then its your choice that what platform you choose and what type of niche you follow to continue your blogging life.

Can we start Blog in 2021 ?

Yes, we can easily start blogging in year 2021 and because its a free platform then it means every one can join this platform. But in year there are too many people join this platform so the competition is too high. That why we have to follow those steps which we told that like Unique Content, Create Backlink, Create pages etc.

Follow these steps and write unique content then there will be more chance to rank site in blogger. And we have also to promote our blog some other platform to get initial traffic and that is the easiest way to get traffic.

How to get Traffic in Blog using Social media ?

Social media is the the best way to promote blog and get traffic. At fast we have to write a unique blog and then we have to publish in blogger. After publish we have to register in Google Search Console Account.

If you didn't know about Google Search Console Account then by the help of this account we can easily index our Article in Google Search Engine. After index our article it need some time to show our article in google.

And after doing all steps we can share our article link in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram etc. And some other social media where we can share our article link like Medium, Flipboard, Yarabook, YouTube etc. We can also join blogging group in Facebook and Telegram and share our link. And after doing all steps we can easily monitor that how many people explore or visiting our site.

How To Monitor The Traffic In Blog ?

To monitor the total and average traffic we have to join Google Analytics Platform. So by the using this platform we can easily monitor our today, yesterday and custom date of traffic. This platform is very best and every blogger use this platform.

To use this platform first we have to search Google Analytics and go the first link. After that we have to create an account and register our blog address and at the final steps we have to copy a code then paste it in our blog theme. And after doing all steps we can easily monitor our blog traffic.

Final Words

So in this topic we Cover all question related to Blogging and we also suggest how to grow blog and get traffic. We also try to cover that how we rank your site in Google Search Engine. And this is the time to end this topic.