Which Programming Language Should Be Learn In 2021

Which Programming Language Should Be Learn In 2021
Programming Language Should Be Learn In 2021


In this Post , Today we discuss about Which Programming Language Should Be Learn In 2021. Now the time there are too many job releated to Programming skills, Data tester, Developer, Data Analyze etc. and its not easy to do for everyone.

So in 2021 we will now discuss that which programming language should be learn, and also discuss about some jobs.

Programming Language

So if you are a beginners in this field so don't worry or if you already in this field then you easily understand our today discussion. So first of fall in generally we discuss about Programming Language.

Programming Language is the type of Language which helps us to communicate with Computer Directly or In Directly. This is the basic and normal definition of Programming Language. If you follow books then you will also found same things.

Category of Programming Language

According to work Programming Language also divided in to some category. Suppose if you are a Website Developer then you have to learn not all programming languages but also you have to focus HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Php etc.

And if you are a Application Developer then you have to learn Java, XML, Kotlin, Python, Gradle, SDK, Python etc.

Also if any person wanted to be a data Analyzer then he should learn C, C++, Python, Data Structure & Algo. etc.

So it totally depends our work. But in beginners we doesn't know anythings, As a programmer & Developer i am telling you that when i start programming language then my first language is C programming. And trust me as a beginners this programming language is the best selection.

Programming Language in 2021

in 2021 there are many programming language comes. And the one of the Latest and very powerful programming language is Python Programming Language. We can develop App, Website, Game and Scripts and also different types of Software by using Python Programming Language.

But we discuss about beginners , So In my opinion for beginners should learn C programming also they continue learn HTML, CSS and Java Script with C Programming Languages. These are the Basic and Easy Language for Beginners but its most important, after learning these languages beginners can start learning Python, C++, C# and Php. If any beginners can learn these language then he/she must be a programmer now and would be able to create any type of Software, Website etc.

Backend & Frontend Developer

Now we learn different types of Programming Language and next we find job then the Backend & Fronted Category are most important for you. Before doing job we have to clear our all doubts about Backend & Frontend Developer.

we have to divide all Programming language to these 2 category. And the most common results will be the Frontend language is HTML, CSS and Java Script and Remain all languages are Backend languages.

I know those beginners who will read these article must have some doubts about Frontend & Backend but don't worry. We try to cover these topic in our next article.

By the help of Frontend & Backend language we do most of the jobs and also start freelancing also.


So before end this post we again remember those beginners to start learning programming language with C programming, HTML, CSS & JavaScript etc.

Because these are the basic language of programming, after that beginners can also go with Python Programming but actually i forgot that Data Structure also a most important things in programming Language. Because by the help of Data Structure we can understand that how programming language help us to communicate with computer and how we give command to computer to do a specific task.

So it may be too informative day for yours and now we have to end this post. If you will be programmer or developer then must follow our opinion because as a Developer and Programmer , i am also do this same things.

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